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Monocles Are the Best

Hi. I love monocles. I think they're hilarious and awesome rolled into a tiny looking glass. But I also love what they represent: taking a closer look at something and seeing it in a new way.


Because of COVID-19, I'm at home a lot. But being at home with my family more is helping me take a closer look at my life and seeing it in a new way—I do have time to be silly, I do enjoy cooking (as long as there isn't a baby whining at my feet). We can find new ways to be creative even though there's a lot of stress in the world right now. We just have to look at the situation with different eyes.

Stuck in your writing? Take five minutes and brainstorm ideas—new story ideas, a character's favorite childhood memory, different choices a character could take. Let go of the stress weighing down the world and create something awesome.


Even though everything is different and hard and uncomfortable right now, you can do this. Find a new perspective, find a way to create something that brings you joy, and wash those hands. We got this.

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KayLynn Flanders
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